Telstra Globe

We were approached by a client to produce a large globe, for a touring exhibition, it had to spin, and have 150 flush mounted lights to represent the companies branches around the World. There was a fixed budget, and not much time. The first problem was the artwork- the exhibition companies graphics department couldn’t do it, so I had to find someone who could. Turns out there are only a few people who can! I found someone in the US- a graphic designer with an interest in Mapthematics- maps and maths- he combined a world land mass graphic with a topical ocean graphic, and divided it up into 24 gores for me to get printed. The 2 PVC domes were made, and the base was designed and engineered, and a slip ring was added to get the power through the revolving axis. My graphic guy dropped the ball so I had to apply the 24 vinyl gore myself. It all ended up looking fabulous, and everyone was happy with the result.

Some of the 24 gores printed and hand cut.


The first gore going on- that gold thing is the slip ring- let 240 volts pass through a spinning axis.

each hemisphere had to done separately, so the 2 halves could come apart for access.

some of the wiring for the 150 surface mount led lights- imported from the UK.

close up of the acrylic ring light installed on the base.

The finished globe in situ. It ended up in the CEO’s office after it’s tour….










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