Stand By Props

Annette in bokeh land…

Retro museum beach scene

macro chain on slate

Beautiful marbles on mirror

steam and rain FX

Freezing ice cream with liquid nitrogen- more fun than dry ice….

Macro fingerprint in bokeh world…

Macro coke bottle, spritzing and fake ice..

Vintage coke bottle filled capped, spritzed on custom made, underlit perspex tank, with mixture of fake and real ice.

Coke with light spritz and a touch of fake ice crystals…

The chips were down

Smiths TVC

don’t mind a Guinness or two, sadly had to pour all these down the drain- tragic!


Haze and background work

Macro spring- pic by Jon Higgs- its a cocktail strainer on a hand painted background…

Burger King flames.

Samsung TVC- haze em up..

NAB TVC, with vegetable concealed lumbar support.

there’s a bear in the air..

Hungry Jacks TVC, burger wrngling on the beach.

Creating the perfect indoor burnout…

Woolies xmas atmos

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