Art Direction / Production Design

The Bell 206 from Victoria

HSBC Stills and motion campaign

HSBC Stills and motion campaign.

HCBC still and motion campaign.

YBR TVC with Pinata…

Rams TVC- set design and build sheep by Kite Studios.

Lanage TVC for Korea- guess where we shot this…

TVC for wet wipes….

Montage of vintage jobs

Alinta Energy TVC #2

Tsubi Target TVC- a cardboard wonderland

Click to see a montage of old projects

OMO TVC- designed a diaphanous curved set- click to see the ad



ING TVC – Design and Art Direction

Foxtel promo

Australian cricket players in Alinta TVC- Art Direction

The script called for an emotive image of a child’s teddy bear on fire, we prepped a couple with a custom made flame bar, and fire retardant.


Saucy Candies TVC, featuring personal massage stick….


dousing the flames…

The Polaris ATV, funky looking beast.


# Fat Babuskas TVC

Alinta Energy TVC

Toyota TVC Designed Effect for it to emerge ‘Red October” style from under the sand…

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