Born a long, long time ago in a land far away, David finished college, went to Watford School of Art, and then on to Middlesex University, where he completed a BA ( Hons) in Three Dimensional Design. In those days the Third Dimension was Depth, and it is something that is becoming rare nowadays. On leaving Uni, he set up a workshop in Shoredich, London EC1, designing and making one off pieces of furniture. When the building was sold, it was time to travel and on Bicentennial Day he found himself in Sydney working at the Sydney Theatre Company, in the propmaking department. After that he worked at Designfield, creating Models and Special Effects for Television Commercials. At the very end of the Eighties he formed a company – DMOB Design and began working freelance, designing and making props, sets, models,the occasional furniture commission, and working as an assistant Art Director.
Before long the business grew, as did the workshop, from garage to double garage, to big shed, until Dave took over the end of pier 21, setting up a facility with a sound studio, a photographic studio, motion graphic studio, and workshop space. Unfortunately this only lasted a year before the building was sold off, and eventually he took a space at the Canal Road Film Centre, which is where the workshop is today. Its workspaces are dedicated to the Film Industry, and so DMOB is surrounded, by Wigmakers (also excellent tea-makers), Shoemakers, Costume Designers, Prop Makers, Special Effects, Modelmakers, Set Builders, Prop Hire, Engineers, and outside are parked all the Grips, Gaffers, Unit, Catering and Wardrobe trucks. This makes it an ideal place to work – from an initial brief, I can run around and cover every aspect of a job, without leaving the complex.
Come on down and have a look around, meet Dave and his trusty assistant Spike!!

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