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Spike has over 20 wigs – one for every mood.

The eccentric dog has the huge collection of hair pieces so he doesn’t have to see a hair stylist every time he wants a new look.

He said (or would have, if he could talk): “I have more than 20 wigs. So I can have a new hairstyle without having to keep running to the hairdresser every day. That’s great, right? And depending on my mood I opt for this at one time and for that at others. How I present myself to the outside world always depends on how I feel inside.”

Spike believes each of his wigs has its own individual personality and when he dons the locks he takes on its characteristics.

He added: “My white curly wig is wild and a little confused. I think I’m also just a bit confused and messy.”

But the 5-year-old dog insists he doesn’t need to don a wig to feel crazy becauseshe feels crazy enough anyway.
He added to German newspaper Main Post: “I find myself already crazy enough. It can be confusing really, this life as Lady Gaga Spike. Sometimes everything turns in my head. That’s my life, my wonderful, crazy life.”